The End of the Beginning

It feels appropriate to start this blog today because the past couple of weeks have felt like the end of the beginning, and the beginning of some new things. We set some very important things into motion for our definitive move date of January 3rd, we just came home from vacation, we’re transitioning into some cooler fall weather, and I celebrated another 22nd birthday.

Screenshot (Sep 12, 2018 11_00_16 AM).png
The countdown shows less than four months until go time!

Leading up to my birthday on the 7th, we spent a lot of time making huge decisions about our trip, and ensuring that our choices were not only plausible, but that they were the right ones for us. After a lot of number crunching, time manipulation, and communication with each other and family members, we decided to push our move date back from November to January 3rd. We also decided to sell the camper and most of our possessions, and that when the time comes we will pack up our few remaining things and the pets, and drive out to Arizona in our pickup truck. Crazy, I know! But when I say we spent A LOT of time working on budget and timeline, I’m actually understating what we put into it. So the first week of September was spent selling some stuff at a yard sale and on Facebook, and selling the camper.

After spending most of Friday morning going through the motions of selling the camper, the rest of the weekend became a bit of a whirlwind of both fun and relaxation. Beginning with a small gathering for my birthday, and ending with a rainy trip to the beach, Dan and I had a perfect of 147507blend of excitement and down time with family. It was great to spend time with some of my closest friends and family while enjoying tons of junk food and great beer, but it was also nice to get away for a few days to force ourselves to just relax.


Of course, along with such a wide array of events and interactions come some pretty serious emotions. Everything becomes so much more real the closer we get and the more actions we take to prepare for our move. Taking so many steps immediately followed by a great time with loved ones is really hard. We are SO excited for our Arizona adventure, but we are going to miss the people we care about more than I can possibly put into words. You have all been amazingly supportive of everything we do, particularly this huge change. Sometimes I feel like I’m completely split in two by my extreme opposite feelings on this move. It is something that Dan and I both need – to our very cores, we need do this. I am motivated by so much excitement and curiosity, but at the same time I am frequently overwhelmed by guilt and preemptive longing for my people. I just hope you all know that no matter where life takes us, we will always love you, and we always be here for you. We appreciate our friends and family more and more each day, and we always will. We both hope that you will continue to follow along and stay in touch with us on our crazy journey because we don’t want to lose a single one of you.Birthday


One thought on “The End of the Beginning

  1. I am excited for both of you and happy that you are not letting anything stand in your way!!! I love you both to the moon and back and cannot wait to visit you in AZ. ❤️

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