Scavenging for Tulips

Does anyone remember what year Milky Pens were a thing? I was going to start this week’s blog off with a story, but I couldn’t get past wondering how old I was when Milky Pens were taking over the lives of elementary school children across the Nation. I suppose my age at the time doesn’t really matter that much, but I just spent a really long time trying to figure out what year Milky Pens were one of the two things I was dying to get from the Easter Bunny, so if someone can help me out, I won’t feel like the past half an hour was a total waste. You can think about it while you read about my favorite Easter ever.

When I was an age determined 100% by pastel pens that were used primarily for writing on your own skin, all I wanted for Easter was a tulip and the aforementioned pens. I don’t even remember if I still believed in the Easter Bunny, or not. What I do remember is that my sister and I woke up Easter morning to a scavenger Easter egg hunt, complete with plastic eggs filled with clues that lead us slowly to different gifts that gradually got more awesome. To my delight, my final gifts were a tulip and a pack of Milky Pens. I don’t really remember much more of that morning, but I do remember that in the afternoon my dad bought a boat (Or three boats. I really think it was three boats that were doomed to never again float in water), and we had to take a car ride to pick it (Or them? I’m not sure of the logistics here) up. During the car ride my sister and I sat in the back seat of my dad’s pickup truck drawing on every visible square inch of the other one’s body, laughing until we cried. I don’t actually remember anything else that happened that Easter. We may not have even had dinner that year, who knows? We didn’t have a whole lot growing up (which is probably difficult to believe after having just told you that my dad bought 1-3 boats on Easter the year Milky Pens were a thing, but trust me on this), so we made up our own traditions, and fed off of each other’s company and laughter. The reason I loved this Easter so much, and the reason I remember the pens is the same reason I remember and appreciate most things from my childhood, and from holidays growing up: my sister.

This year I didn’t have my sister, or any other family, for Easter. I knew that our first holiday away from home was going to be rough, so we planned a little camping trip to distract ourselves. It wasn’t a substitute for my sister, but it was a pretty fun distraction. We camped on a cattle ranch in the Middle-of-Nowhere, AZ, and on Sunday morning we hung out at Petrified Forest National Park*. It was a much needed weekend of road tripping, camping, adventuring, and laughing.

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We got home from our trip Sunday afternoon, and spent the evening in bed eating take out and watching Frasier. I really miss my family, but I’m so grateful when we get to spend our weekends exploring new places and spending time in nature. Especially weeks like this one where I follow the trip with a mid-week stomach virus. Consequently, this week’s post is a little bit shorter than usual, and is going to end pretty abruptly, but if all goes well, you will have much more to read about next weekend, and plenty of photos to check out! I hope everyone has a great week!
*My mom gets us a National Park pass for Christmas, and it is a gift that I fully recommend. You can use it at National Parks and National Monuments, and it can be used for four guests at a time. If you’re interested, you can buy the passes here, and they’re good for a full year!

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