The Kaulius Adventurers Blog is a newborn baby blog about chasing dreams, living life, finding our way, and working through the tough stuff. You’re probably thinking “woah, that’s a lot of stuff for one baby blog! How could this blogger know so much about all of these life things?!” Well, I know this stuff the same way you do: I live it. If you’re looking for an adventure, some relateable advice, or just someone to hang out with through the ups and downs of dream chasing, you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Jenni, and I – like many of you – am a dreamer. I wake up at least once a week with a “brilliant” new idea, and drive my husband insane with my constant schemes to pursue bigger, better passions. Follow along as the two of us explore new places, overcome relatable challenges, and pioneer our own unique path through life; all while taking a lot of pictures with our adorable pup and two cats.